A word from the editor: Please help me make my cold Big Sleep 2018 count for charities

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I’m Not going to lie, I really am not looking forward to spending a whole night sleeping out; in November; in Headingley.

The home of the Rhinos is looking super swanky these days, so when that lovely chap Bob Bowman, chief operating officer of Leeds Rhinos Foundation, asked me if I’d join an event at the stadium I said “Of course”. I was thinking hospitality in the new stand, maybe a couple of drinks at the bar, stay at the hotel... Turns out he meant a sleep out, on concrete terraces, with just a sleeping bag for cover. I’ve watched enough cowboy films to know bad things can happen when you get your bedroll out and shut your eyes in the great outdoors - and at least they had campfires and horses to keep them warm.

But you just can’t say no to a man that does so much to help others. I’m always blown away by the work that goes on at the Rhinos Foundation and how many lives they touch in this city. The same goes for St George’s Crypt and of course St Gemma’s, one of the two Leeds hospices the YEP is proud to support through our Half and Half Appeal.

There’ll be no campfires at Leeds Big Sleep 2018. There will be a lot of kind people though, all shivering the night away, the only heat will be the warm glow of satisfaction that we’re raising money. At least that’s what I keep telling myself as I try not to think about just how perishingly cold I’m going to be. One friend wrote alongside her online donation: “Blimey Hannah - I know how much you like your creature comforts!” I can’t deny it. Winter is for building the fire up and snuggling down.

Please make my chilblains worthwhile and give a little donation either online here https://mydonate.bt.com/fundraisers/hannahthaxter1 or if you can collect cash and get it to our offices I’ll add it to the total.