A word from the editor: New beginnings

Have you used all of your annual leave?
Have you used all of your annual leave?
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For the first year in as long as I can remember I have not bought a desk diary for work - a sign of the times maybe, although with an online calendar at work, a personal calendar on my phone and a traditional “write it down” picture calendar at home I am very much in danger of double booking.

I have missed that “blank diary” moment though. A colleague brought in a beautiful 2018 hardback diary and I momentarily regretted not buying one. A blank diary is the story of your life yet to be written, something pregnant with possibilities, which soon fills with meetings and events.

January is all about making plans and I was determined that in 2018 I would get out of the office much more often to meet people in the city.

Last week was jam-packed with such get-togethers and it’s been a treat .

It turned into an inspirational week. I’ve been fortunate to have had the chance to talk to a number of people who have incredible enthusiasm and commitment to Leeds and its future.

Whether it was people talking about a year of culture (which we will make a huge success despite Europe’s snub) or the aspirations of Leeds United on and off the field, there are some very positive vibes out there.

The best was an impromptu chat with a man during a visit to St George’s Crypt. A short while ago his life could not have looked more dire - indeed he was extremely lucky to cling on to life. But with the support of the Crypt, and the projects there, his world has been transformed and he was glowing with hope for the future. He made my week and he made me more determined than ever that this paper will do more to highlight positive stories like his.