YEP says: ‘Work together to give us street to be proud of’

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IT might be the oldest street in Leeds and local historians will have a soft spot for it, but one part of Kirkgate has been a little run-down for quite some time.

It’s a pity, given the history of the location, next to the First White Cloth Hall building which is one of our landmarks.

And it wasn’t helped by a huge fire which struck the Hills Furniture store in 2015 which gave the already tired area a final painful kick. It was a tragedy for owner Audrey Noble, who had run the Hills Furniture business since the death of her husband Gordon, for whom the business had been ‘his life’.

Now, though, there is some optimism for the area. A plan has been drawn up which seeks to transform the area into a ‘vibrant cultural quarter’.

It is envisaged that proposed uses of the new premises will include flats, shops, restaurants and offices or artists’ workshops.

A planning application is expected to be submitted later this year.

It is described ‘as an opportunity to start the regeneration of the whole area to form a new vibrant cultural quarter’.

There are critics who feel the new design is out of place, but we trust Leeds City Council planners and the developers will work together to create a plan which will improve the area and pay homage to the history and tradition of the area.

10K run is full of real local heroes

WHEN the first Leeds 10K was held 10 years ago who would have imagined that it would grow into the event it is today?

It is testament to the passion of Leeds people - and the vision of Jane Tomlinson - that this event is now such a vital fixture of the calendar.

It has raised £4m and seems set to raise millions more.

Just as importantly, it keeps Jane very much in mind.

There will be local heroes such as former Rhinos player Kevin Sinfield and model Nell McAndrew. But to us, all the runners are local heroes.