YEP Says: Why you will be moved by organ donation stories

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ALL this week we will be banging the drum in aid of organ donation.

It is an important subject which all too often families fail to discuss until it is too late.



But as our stories this week will show, organ donation is important. It can make a dramatic difference to the recipient. And just as importantly, families of donors can find it rewarding that despite their tragic loss, some good has come from their love one’s passing.

We are hoping that our stories this week will at the very least prompt important conversations among families. After all, when someone has died families have enough on their plate dealing with their grief and making funeral arrangements. Far better for these discussions to have taken place in happier, calmer times.

So, if you want your organs to be used by someone else after your death, save your family trying to second guess by making your wishes known now.

People all over Yorkshire are being urged to join the NHS Organ Donor Register as part of the first ever Be A Hero Day.

If you’re not yet convinced of the value of transplants, then read our report today about Paul Woodward who is the country’s longest-surviving double lung transplant patient.

Read how his life has been transformed by the kind actions of a donor. Read it and we guarantee you will be moved.