YEP Says: Why you should turn off phones for an hour or so

Chris Rock.
Chris Rock.
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comedian chris Rock’s demand that visitors to his show in Leeds should not use mobile phones will no doubt strike a chord with older people, those who don’t find the need to be permanently attached to a communication device.

It is impossible these days to visit a restaurant, cinema or theatre without finding people more obsessed with their smartphones than by the people they are with.

How liberating it will be for people to spend an hour or two in the company of a comedian at Leeds’s First Direct arena without seeing people obsessed with tweets, emails and the internet.

Of course, Rock’s demand owes more to stopping his material appearing on online rather than getting people to engage with each other and disengage with technology.

The funnyman knows this will lessen the likelihood of his original material appearing on YouTube, where it can then be plagiarised by others.

The phone-obssesed forget the etiquette of such events which are meant to be enjoyed and the phone faux pax of the self-indulgent threatens to spoil the entertainment of others. It can be done. There were no leaks of the dress rehearsal for the Olympic opening ceremony in 2012 because those present embraced the #SaveTheSurprise message.