YEP Says: Why you must help our appeal in aid of Maggie’s

Robin and Harriet Dow.
Robin and Harriet Dow.
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IF YOU want to know the value of Maggie’s, just click on the link below which carries an emotive account of Robin and Harriet Dow’s lives.


Although Harriet looks healthy, and lives a full and active life, the 39-year-old has incurable cancer. She was first diagnosed in 2001.

But in 2014 tests showed the cancer had spread and though surgery and chemotherapy treated the illness, it cannot be cured.

But instead of giving up on everything, Robin and Harriet are determined to do all they can to bring a new support centre for people affected by cancer to Leeds.

They are backing this newspaper’s A Million for Maggie’s Appeal is aiming to raise £1m towards the creation of a Maggie’s centre at St James’s Hospital, opposite the Leeds Cancer Centre.

The reason? It’s needed. It’s as simple as that.

Robin said: “Most people are touched by cancer in some way, shape or form and it would be good to have a positive outcome for something which is so negative.”

Turning a negative into something positive is something many cancer sufferers feel compelled to do.

What everyone else should do is to support their efforts.