YEP Says: Welcome news that the old Leeds International Pool site will be developed

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IT IS high time that the old Leeds International Pool site in the city centre, which has been vacant for a decade, was put to good use.

This is a big site full of potential and the fact that it is lies empty close to one of the busiest gateways to the city creates a poor impression.

But now, it seems, that development could be on the way.

Why such an interesting site, which could on the face of it be put to a number of good uses, should have been empty for so long, is a fair question.

The site would probably have fetched peanuts if it had been sold a decade ago - at the height of recession when many of the city’s aspirational projects and grand plans had to be mothballed.

But with a number of key developmnents coming to fruition in central Leeds in recent months and years, now does seem to be the right time to attract the right buyer, and the subsequent development could be an essential piece in Leeds’s jigsaw.

We hope that it is of equally impressive high-quality as some of our other recent additions such as Victoria Gate, John Lewis and Trinity.