YEP Says: Two important ways we should remember Jo Cox

Jo Cox.
Jo Cox.
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THE SHOCKING DAY last summer when Jo Cox was so brutally taken from us will never be forgotten.

The loss to her family and to the wider community of Batley and Spen where she was raised can never be calculated.

But we can remember the good things Mrs Cox stood for with some pride and admiration. She was, after all, one of us.

Yesterday, we had two special reasons to remember her.

Firstly, a foundation set up in memory of her has been officially recognised as a charity.

Mrs Cox’s family and friends established The Jo Cox Foundation, following her death last June, to support values close to her heart.

It was granted charitable status by the Charity Commission last week, which is welcome news.

The Foundation’s director Iona Lawrence said: “The Foundation exists to guide people towards those who are working on the things Jo was passionate about, people who know that it is not enough just to talk about what can make communities stronger or to complain about injustice, indifference or cruelty.”

And secondly the final copy of a cross-party report into British interventionism, which Mrs Cox had instigated before her death, was launched yesterday in London, proving that she will be remembered more for her work and her values than the manner of her death.