YEP Says: Trust us to sort out the facts from the fiction

Fighting fake news
Fighting fake news

in 2017 we are bombarded by information. Thinking back just a few decades ago people would have the choice of two or three news channels on TV, a handful of radio stations and a daily national newspaper and a local daily or weekly paper from where they could glean the news.

Not so today, with a smartphone in the hands of four out of five adults (according to last year’s figures) access to information from around the world is a couple of clicks away.

But that does not make it real news.

Whilst the idea of making up news stories is not new, the rise and ease of use of social media has meant publishing made-up stories, and getting an audience for them is also just a couple of clicks away.

The originators of the stories may not have any malice in mind - it could have been satire, a joke to share among friends, but likes and shares make it grow not just in audience but in credibility.

Which is why, today, the Yorkshire Evening Post, begins its series on Fake News.

We aim to bring you an in-depth look at the issue and show how, as trained and experienced journalists, we separate the facts from the fiction and why, whilst we are here to tell your stories and hold those in authority to account, we are also here to be held to account by you. In the age of fake stories you can trust our news.