YEP Says: The war on drugs does not end at the thin blue line

Darren Duncan, sentenced over the 'Paranoid Pete' drug line case in Chapeltown and Harehills.
Darren Duncan, sentenced over the 'Paranoid Pete' drug line case in Chapeltown and Harehills.
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cREDIt should be given to West Yorkshire police for smashing the Leeds drug dealing operation that brought misery to people in Leeds.

If there were a few beers drunk by the boys and girls in blue after these 10 men were jailed then they were richly deserved.

They have cleared our streets of 10 people who were peddling misery 24-hours a day.

The court case reads like something from The Wire. A handful of men controlled this sophisticated and professional operation, run as a tight-lipped business, where strict codes were adhered to to avoid detection.

This is not a nice business to get involved in. The drugs ring was broken by undercover officers posing as drug addicts buying heroin and crack cocaine from dealers.

That’s a brave thing to do.

These undercover officers are the unknown and unsung heroes who are putting their lives on the line to get drugs off our streets and to protect some of the most vulnerable and wretched in our society - drug users.

Who will help these users now? Or will they just find another gang waiting to supply the same line of misery? The police’s bravery and hard work should not go in vain. After such an operation there should be an even bigger one for those whose supply chain has been cut off to help them clean up and break their addiction.

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