YEP Says: Scanning the future shows a digital Leeds

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Leeds is fast establishing itself as the place to be for digital companies.

A survey last week ranked it with Glasgow and Manchester in terms of a hotspot for ditital tech start-ups for the future.

The research by online estate agents concluded that affordable property prices and a healthy growth in the number of digital jobs are supporting a flourishing technology sector around Leeds.

There are big players, the likes of aql (a telecommunications operator which basically helps everything run) to one-person start ups doing business on a global scale.

The government obviously thinks we’re doing something right, after all it gave us a £3.7 pot of cash to help develop local digital industries.

So it makes sense that NHS digital should set up home here. It has quietly been growing (more than 2,000 people are employed by the company in the city) gathering data and crunching numbers. And now its work is set to revolutionise the way healthcare is delivered.

E-nursing makes it sound alittle futuristic and cold - less of the human touch perhaps? But if they’re scanning barcodes and recording your observations direct to a screen that should mean more time to talk to patients and less time on paperwork. If your nurse looks like he or she is on their phone texting, they could be just be saving a life.