YEP Says: Revealed – the deep extent of mental problems

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WE have devoted many pages to the issue of mental health in Leeds and how it affects many more people than we might realise.

It can often be a hidden disease with people too embarrassed or ashamed to admit to their private turmoil.

But now mental health has been put into focus by council bosses in Leeds, as the scale of people affected in the city is revealed.

It reveals that more than 100,000 people in Leeds are estimated to experience mental health problems every year.

Now council chiefs are now making recommendations to improve access to healthcare for residents across the city, after the report suggested more than £1m could be saved every year if mental health services are delivered better.

The money is important, of course, but it is nothing compared to the broken lives which sufferers are often forced to lead.

The latest review comes as the YEP’s #SpeakYourMind campaign, to combat mental health stigma in Leeds, prepares to celebrate its first anniversary, since launching in October last year.

There is a need for a deeper, clearer study to help health professionals best deal with this issue.

The lives of 100,000 people – and their families, who often suffer with them – are depending on it.