YEP Says: Parents please listen - Don’t park outside Leeds schools

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THERE REALLY can be very few excuses for drivers parking outside schools to drop off and pick up their children.

This can be dangerous for youngsters and adults and it causes roads to become blocked to the inconvenience of many.

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In fact, it is selfish behaviour which puts safety at great risk.

So schools are right to highlight the problem and ask for motorists to change their ways.

So, what is the answer?

It’s so simple: Either walk your child to school or, if you really must use a car, then park safely a little distance away and make the little walk part of your school-day routine.

It need only take an extra 10 minutes or so and it will make such a difference.

It will be good for you and for your child to get some exercise. After all, few people really do enough walking.

And it will be safer for all concerned because roads won’t be half as congested as they can nowadays.

In fact, if a few of you are walking to and from school, you might actually enjoy the social aspect of the walk.

This is common sense, really.

Schools have enough to do without having to solve a problem which shouldn’t really exist in the first place.

Let’s stop areas outside schools becoming so clogged with traffic.