YEP Says: Our MPs face a tough time making this work

Theresa May. PIC: PA
Theresa May. PIC: PA
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There will be a few hangovers still today, physical ones as well as metophorical ones, in the wake of the General Election result.

This was a result which gave no clear mandate to Theresa May, cost many politicans their seats and left the Governance of the country hanging in the balance.

It also showed that there is a way to galvanise young people into not only being interested in politics getting out and voting.

In Leeds North West the number of people registering to vote increased by 16 per cent, and overall turnout was at 68 per cent. These should be things to celebrate.

But what will a sober post-General Election look like?

The pound plummeted yesterday, economics experts were wringing their hands, businesses who have been effectively “on hold” since the EU referendum result were still saying they felt no more certain.

The campaiging showed that the NHS, care of the vulnerable, years of austerity cuts and a living wage are hugely important issues to people - of more immediate concern perhaps than what kind of Brexit we have. We also know that “hard working families” are not that keen on pawning their children’s legacy to pay for their old age and infirmaty.

A lot of campaigning was done here in Yorkshire by the big guns but today it feels like the county couldl be once more left to “wait and see” what happens when it comes to investment and big decisions.

Our MPs will certainly have their work cut out.