YEP Says: Let us celebrate the bigger Jumbo

PIC: Simon Hulme
PIC: Simon Hulme
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IT IS one of Leeds’s unlikely treasures, a shop that a few years ago seemed doomed to closure.

But despite the advancement of all things digital, shops from a different age can still thrive. Just look at Jumbo Records which is doing so well it needs a bigger shop to store its antiquated records.

Antiquated maybe, but there is a permanance and a romance with vinyl you can touch that digital downloads can and will never possess.

Congratulations, Jumbo, for bucking the trend and proving the cynics wrong. Long live vinyl. Long live real music.

Curator Chris Sharp looks at a garment made by Chloe Greenwood named Hard Times,  part of the exhibition 'The Felted Mill', which is felt creations by local felters inspired by the Leeds Industrial Musuem, Armley Mill. Picture Tony Johnson.

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