YEP Says: Leeds Tetley brewery plans are a real shot in the arm

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OF all the plans for Leeds, it is the proposals for the old Tetley brewery site in Leeds which will grab the interest of people in the city.

This huge complex was such a feature of the city for decades. It was a recognisable landmark and was one of the major employers in the city. Almost as importantly, Tetley’s was, for many beer-lovers, the taste of Leeds.

People drunk it because it was a good pint, but also because it was a symbol of Leeds in the same way that brown ale said Newcastle or Wards said Sheffield.

So it is hugely symbolic that the massive Tetley site in the centre of Leeds is being rejuvenated.

The 850 new homes will literally bring the city to life and the hotels will house the growing number of visitors to the city, many of whom struggle to find accommodation during busy weekends.

Businesses and bars will also be welcome and, importantly, a city park will be part of the complex. Our forefathers knew the importance of parkland and they remain vital for people’s happiness and wellbeing.

With Leeds and the rest of the country facing an uncertain time with Brexit and General Elections, it is important that we get such schemes under way as soon as possible.

Leeds has to show that it is ready for business and ready for leisure. Our futures depend on it.