YEP Says: Leeds’s green belt land can’t grow back once it’s under concrete

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News that plans for homes on green belt areas in Leeds could be scrapped will no doubt be met with a resounding cheer across the city.

It is easy to cry NIMBYS, whenever anyone objects to building near their homes.

But whilst most people would agree we need more affordable homes for ourselves, our children and our grandchildren to live in, which among us would be happy if those homes were built in front of our own, or if we had to churn up green fields in order to build them.

Controversial plans for new homes on green belt land in Leeds could be ripped up: Click here for more

Some, not least Concillor Andrew Carter, have long espoused the view that there is no need to build the number of homes being proposed by the council.

Indeed last month he proposed a motion of no confidence in Leeds City Council over its delivery of plans on housing.

At the time the Calverley and Farsley representative said he was concerned the SAP – which he described as “the most important issue facing the city in the short to medium term” – risks too much Green Belt development, branding its current target “undeliverable and unnecessary”.

This review is to be welcomed. Richard Lewis is right when he says getting our long-term housing policy and direction planned in a clear and right way is essential for the future of our city and our communities.

Green belt doesn’t grow back.