YEP Says: Leeds planning issues now pose so many questions

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IT is surprising that after much talk about the number of homes that Leeds would need to allow to be built has now been sharply reduced.

The Leeds City Council has made a U-turn on its controversial housing targets, slashing projections of new homes needed in the city over the next decade by 21 per cent.

It comes after the authority had originally predicted it needed to build 70,000 new homes by 2028.

That was a figure that was backed up by an independent Government inspector.

Now that figure has been reduced to 55,000 and the revised deadline has been put back five years. This will no doubt infuriate people who have fought - and often lost - controversial plans for housing estates to be built in their neighbourhoods.

We have some sympathy with the council. Predicting how many homes we may – or may not – need many years down the line is a somewhat impossible task.

The council’s housing bosses today insisted the numbers were always likely to be reviewed, as they were based on supply and demand and the latest available population forecasts.

But in truth that will be of little consolation to the many, many people affected who may now be wondering why on earth the authority was so keen to stick to the original figures for so long.