YEP Says: Leeds Capital of Culture campaign is not a waste of money

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the european Capital of Culture bid is important for Leeds.

The city has spent a lot of money already on planning for it and the title would undoubtedly be of great benefit to all who live and work here.

So news that the Government may possibly be backtracking on its obligations post Brexit is of concern.

Of course, the Government has to be very careful with our money, especially now that we are destined for unchartered waters. But the Capital of Culture bid is no frivolous waste of money; it is investing in our futures.

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has waded into the fray by writing to Culture Secretary Karen Bradley over suggestions from within Government that we should dump it. He fears the move would trigger a backlash in Brussels.

Boris is right Leeds has already spent hundreds of thousands of pounds in putting its initial pre-bid together, with a number of panels set up.

We are an early front runner for the prestigious title, and it has been estimated that winning it would be a major economic boost bringing hundreds of millions of pounds to the city and leaving a lasting legacy.

Liverpool generated £753m and attracted 9.7m visitors. If Leeds could follow suit, that would be a massive boost. Such a scheme should not be dropped lightly.