YEP Says: Keith, 79, shows determination to drive for his wife

Keith Limbert who has passed his driving test aged 79, after his wife Anne fell ill.' PIC: Jonathan Gawthorpe

LEARNING TO drive at any age is a challenge.

Anyone of any age who has nervously sat a driving test will confirm that.

But Keith Limbert didn’t even try to take his test until he was 79.


The fact that he shrugged off his L plates at that age owed more to his devotion to his wife of 58 years.

Anne had been the driver of the couple until ill health put paid to her time behind the wheel.

But Mr Limbert decided that age would be no barrier to his determination to make sure his wife would enjoy quality of life, so he vowed to learn to drive despite his advancing years.

So after 40 lessons and three tests, he finally passed his test and now the couple enjoy regular outings

“We would go stir crazy if we were stuck in the house all week,” he said.

He said he gave up trying to learn in his 20s.

He said: “It didn’t interest me at all so I called it a draw.”

It cannot have been easy going through the rigmarole of learning how to drive at an age when many drivers are calling it a day but his determination shows how much he loves his wife.

And what better time of the year than just before Valentine’s Day for the Yorkshire Evening Post to highlight this loving husband’s devotion to his wife.

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