YEP Says: Hotels are vital to helping our Leeds thrive in future

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IF YOU thought Leeds was already well accounted for when it comes to hotels, well, think again.

The city might have 68 hotels with no less than 6,041 beds but it seems that isn’t enough for a growing city which is popular with all manner of visitors.

Leeds is already a desirable destination for a whole range of activities from sports events to hen and stag nights, from opera to shopping, let alone the number of business travellers who visit the city

But this will need to increase, we are told, to 83 mid-sized hotels with 8,541 beds if Leeds’s Capital of Culture bid is successful.

In fact, such figures won’t surprise you if you have ever had to book a bed in Leeds on a busy weekend.

It is essential that we have enough rooms for such visitors because lack of rooms will no doubt persuade them to take their money elsewhere to other destination cities.

Overnight stayers tend to stay longer, of course, and to spend more on all manner of things which help the city to thrive.

We need to make sure that we have a range of options for our visitors, from quality B&Bs to luxury five-star establishments, from city centre places to country house hotels.

If we fall short, you can bet that Manchester, Newcastle, Sheffield and elsewhere will be more than happy to steal our business.