YEP Says: Here’s to 50 more years of carnival glory for Leeds

PIC: Simon Hulme
PIC: Simon Hulme
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FOR many, today’s return to work will be a reality check after a sun-kissed Bank Holiday weekend which showed off the vim, vigour, vitality and vibrancy of Leeds at its glorious best.

From top class sport to music festivals, we have it all.

Another successful Leeds Festival has come and gone as thousands of young people, many taking part in richly-deserved celebrations of successful exam results, enjoyed music from some of the best acts in the world.

But it is perhaps fitting that, on the eve of what we all hope will be a successful bid from Leeds to become European Capital of Culture, one of the city’s most magnificent and enviable cultural institutions should mark its 50th birthday.

Born out of the desire of Caribbean immigrants to celebrate their culture, the event is now the oldest of its kind in Europe, and one that brings the whole city together.

A huge vote of thanks is due to all those working at these events, many on a voluntary basis, who made sure visitors were treated like VIPs.

In particular Arthur France, the man who founded and has overseen the carnival throughout its history, deserves our gratitude for giving the city this magnificent cultural event.

Here’s to the next 50 years!