YEP Says: Halloween riders deserve to get tough sentences

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THE Halloween ‘ride out’ in Leeds was shocking. It brought chaos to the city and tied up resources as police struggled to restore order.

We welcome the police operation which has brought a good number of those responsible to court.

It is right that they have felt the full might of the law. This was no jolly jape; it was reckless.

The fact that 13 people have been jailed for this offence should serve as a warning to others considering similar actions.

We also welcome the fact that Leeds City Council has granted a district-wide injunction which bans the anti-social riding of motorbikes and quad bikes in groups of two or more in any public place.

It has proved a useful tool for police, who have served the injunction on 41 people since then, and had no breaches to date.

Police say they are treating such incidents as a priority issue and that in cases where they know who the perpetrators are, the use of the injunction is helpful because it is about prevention.

We know sensible bikers will be as dismayed as we are that such reckless behaviour casts motorcycling in such a poor light.

There are a lot of well organised fundraising ‘ride out’ events and this incident should not spoil it for the many well organised and disciplined bikers.