YEP Says: Good luck to Jack who really is a baby in a million

Jack Humphreys. PIC: Tony Johnson
Jack Humphreys. PIC: Tony Johnson
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EVERY family believe their little boy is one in a million but in Jack Humphreys’ case it is perfectly true.

This adorable seven-month-old has a rare genetic condition which is thought to affect just two children in the UK - and there are only 40 reported cases across the globe.

He has a rare kidney condition. Jack was diagnosed after a series of tests by doctors and consultants at Leeds Children’s Hospital. It is likely he will have to take medication for the rest of his life.

His family is so grateful for the care he has received at Leeds Children’s Hospital that they are raising funds as a gesture of thanks.

Now Mr and Mrs Humphreys, of Morley, are hoping to raise awareness of the rare condition.

Mrs Humphreys, 28, said: “We didn’t know what it meant so it was a bit of a shock.

“We find it a bit mad how rare it is and that is has happened to us.”

She added: “He is loving life and has always been happy - he takes it all in his stride, bless him.

“When we go for blood tests now he does not even cry because he is used to it.”

We are happy to do our bit and raise the profile of this rare condition and to show how his parents are coping.

And we are happy to highlight the good work that the medics are putting in at LCH.