YEP Says: Fantastic news that Leeds heart unit is safe and secure

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IT IS great news for patients in Leeds and West Yorkshire in general that an under-threat heart unit in the city has been given approval to stay open.

It is also an excellent announcement for the staff of the centre who have worked under a cloud for too long.

The Leeds Congenital Heart Unit, the second largest in the country, was one of a series at risk after new standards for congenital heart disease services were introduced last year.

But now it has been announced that the Leeds General Infirmary-based unit was found to be meeting those standards and will remain open, which is a relief for all concerned.

This brings to an end uncertainty which has troubled patients and their families for too long.

Infact campaigners have battled since 2011 when an NHS review first earmarked the unit for closure.

The news has been welcomed by organisers at the Children’s Heart Surgery Fund (CHSF), whose Save our Surgery campaign helped save the unit from closure in 2013.

We share their joy.

And we hope the hospital unit can now look to the future with the aim of carrying on supporting staff in reaching the new standards set out by NHS England.

Angela Pearce.

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