YEP Says: Extra security measures must be welcomed

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THERE is no single reason for Leeds enhancing its reputation as the go-to place to live, work and play in The North.

Our digital economy is attracting talent from across the globe; our legal sector is the envy of even Manchester; our universities offer world-class courses in vocational and academic subjects and we must have more glitzy cocktail bars per square metre than Manhattan.

Why is the latter even relevant? Because it shows that this city can now attract the kind of people who might otherwise have set up their businesses in London or Europe, and with that comes prosperity for all.

With that comes a thriving, bustling city chock-full of people who will want to venture out into our Purple Flag accredited night-time experience to enjoy what this city has to offer.

We should therefore welcome the ‘ring of steel’ being placed around Leeds, as reported on our front page today.

Do not allow anyone to talk about this move to keep Leeds safe negatively. It is simply a 21st Century security measure which will enhance this city’s reputation as a progressive place to be, where property and people are sacred.