YEP Says: Children leading the way with lucid arguments

YOU CAN'T fail to have been appalled by the build-up to the European Referendum.

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 15th June 2016, 8:42 pm
Updated Wednesday, 15th June 2016, 9:43 pm
Bankside Primary pupils
Bankside Primary pupils

The lack of reasoned debate; the use of scare tactics by both sides so desperate for your vote that they will say – or do – anything.

Now, we have no intention of telling you which way to vote. It is our job – as best we can in trying circumstances – to provide you with the information and let you weigh up your choices. We have spoken to politicians and campaigners from both sides at length, but we would recommend that you listen to some young voices for a change.

The children at Bankside Primary in Harehills are so very engaged in the process.

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They have listened to both sides and come up with incisive questions which put the campaigns to shame.

The pupils at Bankside and were so impressive with well-informed and passionate debate. They were divided but they listened to the opposing viewpoints sensibly. One child even persuaded her mother to register to vote.

We have spoken to mums at a children’s centre and to a group of pensioners who agree that the referendum is important and that the scare tactics used by the campaigners is wrong.

But if you really want to know what the burning issues are, have a look at our coverage from Bankside. After all, it is their futures that this whole process is about.

Lucky to have art on our doorsteps

WE’RE culture vultures in Leeds. Of course we like our soaps and pop music, too, but we take the Yorkshire Festival to our hearts.

Of course we like our soaps and pop music, too, but we take the Yorkshire Festival to our hearts.

It’s an 18-day festival featuring 900 artists. It covers music, dance and art. And it’s packed with fun, too, such as the talking statues brought to life with the voices of Brian Blessed and co.

And where else but Yorkshire would you find musicals in chip shops? We are lucky to have such variety on our doorsteps. Let’s hope the sun shines for at least part of the event.