YEP Says: A heartfelt plea to use a bit of common sense

PIC: Lorne Campbell/Guzelian
PIC: Lorne Campbell/Guzelian
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THere are often times when rules and regulations seem to fly in the face of good old common sense.

In a place where perfectly good food is going into landfill sites while there are people on the breadline who are struggling to pay for food it seems common sense to use the food to feed those who would go hungry – it’s called having a bit of nous!

That’s exactly what happens at the Real Junk Food Project in Leeds. Food which is past its sell-by date has to be cleared from shelves and would just be thrown away. But, thanks to the work of the charity and some altruistic retailers, some of this food is donated charity to use. They take the best food, use it in the cafe kitchen and sell it at whatever price people can afford. The money made goes to support the other work of the charity. Everyone’s a winner.

But now West Yorkshire Trading Standards has invited the director of The Real Junk Food Project to an interview under caution after an inspection of the charity’s warehouse, where the food was stored.

West Yorkshire Trading Standards do some fantastic work, and their task is to uphold the rules and regulations set out for our own safety. But we really hope some common sense can prevail to find a way through the red tape. At home any of us would use our common sense and experience to know if food is ok to eat or not, and the chefs at Real Junk will know that too.