YEP’s “damning” front page goes viral

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The YEP’s stirring front page editorial was applauded by both readers and international media on Monday, after we called on David Cameron to announce immediate action following the floods that devastated Leeds.

An image of the front page, which featured a car being almost completely submerged in the floods on Viaduct Road in Leeds, was retweeted hundreds of times on Twitter.

And our headline - “Indefensible” - led our demand that Mr Cameron ensured the situation is not repeated in Leeds or anywhere else ever again.

In our editorial, we said: “The Northern Powerhouse is nothing when it is under several feet of mucky water. This city must have critical inward investment to make sure it has the protection from floods on this scale ever happening again. What’s good enough for London is good enough for Leeds.”

The page was mentioned on the front page of The Financial Times, and also appeared in The Times.

The Guardian’s editor Katharine Viner, who is from Yorkshire, said it was a “superb front page”.

And the New York Times featured it in their coverage of the floods, as did the Independent, who called it a “damning editorial”.

Former Sun editor Dominic Mohan said it was an “excellent front page”.

And freelance journalist Sophie Mei Lan said: “A picture speaks a thousand words but these front pages speak billions.”