YEP readers share views on Leeds city centre charges

Traffic on Wellington Street, Leeds
Traffic on Wellington Street, Leeds
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LEEDS is to charge the owners of gas guzzling vehicles who want to drive in the city centre from 2020.

The plan announced by the Government this morning is being rolled out to improve air quality in the city and the new ‘Leeds Clean Air Zone’ will affect older buses, taxis, coaches and lorries.

Environment Secretary Elizabeth Truss said the London-style scheme will involve a charge and it’s been previously reported this could be up to £12.50 per vehicle.

Yorkshire Evening Post readers have taken to social media to share their views on the story.

Martin Stanley said: “So less pollution, but just the same amount of congestion.

“Until Leeds deals with the problem of too many private vehicles, no effective mass public transport system, and poor cycling and walking infrastructure, this announcement will make little difference.”

Dawn Roberts said on Facebook: “Traffic has definitely increased over the year, in a morning it takes me 30 minutes to do what would normally be a five minute journey on the bus.

“I hope this charge makes people think about driving into Leeds and it reduces the ridiculous traffic.”

Michael Court added: “Yes I think it’s a good idea, only the rich can afford to drive into the city centre.”

Michael Taylor said on Facebook: “Can’t understand why anyone would drive into town. I drive to Garforth and train it in.”

And Dan Gire added: “A tram and more park and rides!!”