YEP Readers' Panel wishes continued good health to 250-year-old infirmary

LGI celebrates landmark anniversary
LGI celebrates landmark anniversary
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One of the largest hospitals in Europe, treating hundreds of thousands of patients using most advanced medical technology, Leeds General Infirmary is 250 years old.

Your YEP focused on the milestone anniversary, prompting Reader Panelists to share their thoughts and memories of an institution that has touched lives of many of our family and friends.

How your YEP marked the milestone

How your YEP marked the milestone

Pam Dolan

I can safely say that I would not be alive today if not for the LGI Heart Centre. I was diagnosed with a heart condition in 2009 and had 16 emergency admissions during 2010 until I had open heart surgery in 2011. A very scary time for my family but thankful that my cardiologist and his team gave a frank explanation and how to spot symptoms so now I'm not scared of what will happen as I have open access to the team and an annual check up with Dr Rob. Hospital shouldn’t be scary as long as you are told the truth and everything is explain in a way you can understand it.

Jim Kirk

LGI is the beating heart of the City, a bastion of true equality where everyone can be treated by those dedicated to the well-being of others.

Leeds infirmary care over centuries

Leeds infirmary care over centuries

Gordon Mayne

I have had a few visits to A&E and various tests and always found the medical staff to be efficient and professional. They provide an essential service and we should do what we can to ensure that funding is not unfairly and dangerously reduced.

Joanne St Lawrence

I can remember being in the LGI as a child (about 1950), it was very strict and ruled by matron. Parents were not allowed to visit children as it 'upset them' so I didn't see my mother for about six weeks, but nurses were kind and caring. There were toys, games and other children to play with, so I was quite sad when I was discharged. Many thanks to the charitable founders of our hospitals.

Liz Goodwill

LGI has been there whenever it is needed, providing excellent care, even while under tremendous pressure. My late father passed away here, but the care and attention was second to none.Though waiting times are still long, that is true of all hospitals

James Lee

Our son was born three months premature. He spent six weeks in LGI in the neonatal ICU, and is now a strapping 9-year-old. He plays rugby for Otley Zebras, is a brown belt, swims like a fish and won the form prize last year. We couldn't be more proud. LGI gave us our son.

Denis Angood

To be honest I could write a book on what part the LGI has played on the life of our family. Our son was diagnosed with epilepsy 40 years ago and 4 years later after all else failed a scan revealed a brain tumour. Another 41/2 years later after being told to "go home and make the best of the good days" we arrived at the Radcliffe Infirmary in Oxford.

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