YEP readers have their say after ‘unhygienic’ eateries in Leeds are named and shamed

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The YEP revealed the city’s most unhygienic food businesses this week – and readers have flocked to have their say.

As previously reported, there are 28 premises across Leeds - including restaurants, takeaways and shops - that are currently rated as ‘zero’ by Leeds City Council environmental health inspectors.

(For more information, see our story here.)

Here’s what our readers had to say:

Michael Canny: “All restaurants should have to present a copy of this information on their door/window and any menus they provide, otherwise those with low ratings hide them away and those with a 4 or 5 present them with pride.

“Obviously these regular articles are useful but it’s also worth keeping an eye on and installing their app.

“For the record a number of my local ones are (sadly) featured.”

Nick Bell: “Anywhere with zero surely should not still be open? I never go anywhere unless it’s got a 5. If they can’t practice basic hygiene then what other corners are getting cut!”

@Pippa_Kay: “Glad the food places I go to aren’t on there.”

@AntiHaus: “@JustEatUK Will you stop eateries receiving a 0 star hygiene rating using your service?”

@JustEatUK: “If the FSA allow them to trade then they’re entitled to be on our site. We work closely with the FSA so if anything changes ... we’re aware and take the appropriate action when necessary. ^AC

DarrenArmley: “Shocked at Peachy Keens as eat there pretty much every week and no issues.”

PaddyS: “I find it baffling how a place like Boss Burgers, which is one of the top burger joints in the UK can be given such a low ranking despite having two more identical restaurants with 5 stars.

“Always great food there and same at The Greedy Pig.

“There seems to be major inconsistencies with the scoring system and there are some absolute toilets which have escaped punishment here.”

Yorkydevil: “It would be nice to see what actually counts as a pass or a fail, If someone has not put a date label on some chopped onions in the fridge which will be used in the next few hours, is that a fail?

“As someone commented, if a lot of these places are so bad, why are they OPEN, never mind a bit of paper... it’s our lives at risk.”

KenToo: “The Food Standards Agency have an app, you can check ratings before deciding to eat at a particular establishment.”

silverwoods: “Greedy Pig on North Street’s bang on. Been in there most mornings and the scran’s always excellent. Clean facilities and friendly staff.”

Tiff of st josephs: “How on earth can a eating establishment be still allowed to serve food when the so-called environmental health officers have inspected the kitchens and found them NOT to be at the standard that’s required?

“They should be shut down and untill they get to the standard required to serve food.”

Freeman Leeds: “These hygiene ratings are pointless! All the establishment does it hide a sticker somewhere. It’s not as if the public carry a “good/bad food guide” with them!”