YEP Community Forum: What we love about the Games

Olympic gold winning triathlete Alistair Brownlee and his Bronze winning Jonny Brownlee, celebrate at Millennium Square, Leeds ...13th August 2012 Picture by Simon Hulme
Olympic gold winning triathlete Alistair Brownlee and his Bronze winning Jonny Brownlee, celebrate at Millennium Square, Leeds ...13th August 2012 Picture by Simon Hulme
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With the Olympics about to begin, we asked our readers to tell us what they enjoy most about the Games.

Joanne St Lawrence, 73, Wortley

My grandchildren are really excited about the Games. I think getting children interested in sport and away from screens can be a lasting benefit. I would like to see more investment in both fun games and facilities for children.

James Kirk, 55, Middleton

A showcase for global talent, promoting tolerance and good relations among different cultures in pursuit of sporting excellence. The opening ceremony shows the world how people work together.

Denis Angood, 69, Bramley

I think with all the furore about doping, the best aspect will be the closing ceremony. Maybe a bit cynical but the whole circus is not what was intended at the Games’s inception.

Dean Fallows, 45, Horsforth

There is so much tragedy and terrible news in the world, the 0lympics allows us to focus on something positive for next fortnight. Much of the negativity in the news is silenced by loud cheering.

Amy Green, 33, city centre

I like that the Olympics brings us all together. Not just as a nation but across the globe. I also like that there are events run to coincide with the Olympics, for children and young people, to encourage a healthier lifestyle.

Dennis Appleyard, 68, Crossgates

I love the fact that Paralympians get a chance to shine in the full spotlight. I love the camaraderie which exists between the sportsmen and women . I love the openness of the competition where unfancied athletes from ‘lesser’ nations take part against the stars of sport (remember Eddie the Eagle and Eric ‘The Eel’ Moussambani Malonga?)

Gordon Mayne, 68, Moortown

The feel good factor that comes with every medal we get; the inspiration the athletes give with their endeavours; the pride in knowing that so many medalists are Yorkshire folk and the joy of watching the cream of the UK team (the Brownlees) in their perpetual competition.

Martin Walker, 48, Horsforth

I would hope, that like all other Olympic Games, it would be about the good sportsmanship. But these days, so many sports stars cheat, so maybe it’ll be about who can win with the best drugs.

Michael Askin, 71, Yeadon

The Olympic Games bring together athletes of the world to compete in non-threatening harmony, it unites countries in a shared purpose of pride, and engages the populations of the world to support their countrymen uniting the world in harmony and pride.

Ian Dowd, 37, Roundhay

The best thing for me is the pride it encourages in the country and in the local athletes from Yorkshire. Every region of Great Britain has contestants in one event or another and the Games brings people together locally as well as nationally. Also the passion and sportsmanship that is on display, despite the lack of big money in many Olympic sports.

Meryl Knapp, 75, Headingley

Watching people doing amazing things to the absolute limits of their skills and concentration and the extra glow one feels when home grown British and Yorkshire talent excels.

Sophie Mei Lan, 28, Wakefield

The Olympics are a chance to put a range of sports in to the spotlight, inspiring a new generation of athletes and a greater interest in to fitness. What I love most is how sporting events can bring people of all backgrounds together something I’m particularly interested in when I teach dance. Sport is and should be inclusive and inspirational. I particularly like that this Olympics has a team of refugees competing. They may have no home, no place, no family but they are welcome to join in the games and become part of a team shining and raising the Olympic anthem and flag. And it’s stories like theirs that are so important for the rest of the world to see.