YEP Community Forum: The offences which deserve on-the-spot fines

Wardens have issued fixed penalty notices to 11 dog owners during the first half of this year.
Wardens have issued fixed penalty notices to 11 dog owners during the first half of this year.
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This week, we asked our panel of readers which everyday annoyances they wish they could issue on-the-spot penalties for.

Meryl Knapp, 75, Headingley

I prefer the carrot of reward to the stick of penalties. Let Leeds become the UK’s ‘Leeding’ clean city, discouraging littering and fly tipping by using the money saved from clear-ups with promised improvements in parks and facilities. Incidentally, high charges for commercial disposal at tip sites (i.e. penalties) encourages fly tipping.

Lyn Facey, 63, East End Park

Irresponsible dog owners who don’t clean up after their pet has left a parcel on the pavement or on grassed areas where children play seem to get away with just leaving everything behind. I think that these kinds of owners should be spot fined and made to clean up after all the other dogs who also leave parcels and who also have irresponsible owners too.

James Lee, 46, Otley

I have two young children who play football and frisbee on Station Top, Otley, which is all-too-often strewn with dog faeces. I’d like a fine for those thoughtless, lazy, selfish dog owners who seem intent on infecting my kids with parasites from their dogs’ waste. Also, why do some half-responsible owners bag the poop and then leave it, often hanging in trees like some offensive fruit? I’m rather angry about this!

Michael Askin, 71, Yeadon

Oh that’s easy, anyone found guilty of colliding with someone whilst preoccupied with a mobile phone should forfeit said device for one week and further offences should result in a fine and confiscation of phone!

Golam Kibria, 37, Harehills

Is there a fine for noisy drivers? Sometimes teenagers and rough drivers shoot past residential areas on quad bikes and cars with very loud exhausts, creating extreme sound pollution. It’s not good for heart patients and kids. There should be some sort of solution to this.

Gordon Mayne, 68, Moortown

Dog fouling in any public area. Owners who do not clean up after their dog are ignorant and irresponsible.

Pam Dolan, 48, Garforth

The non-responsible dog owners who never clean up after the dog has toileted. I appreciate many do, but attaching a fine might give some owners the encouragement to always clean up. Can’t think of anything worse than walking into your home and realising you have stood in the stuff and it’s now all over your carpet.

Martin Walker, 48, Horsforth

There are so many offences that need larger fines. Dog fouling, using mobile phones in vehicles, bad/inconsiderate parking, littering,

anti-social drinking, cold calling, religious people on your doorstep and charity workers hassling you on the streets.

Dennis Appleyard, 68, Crossgates

Sadly when you get older lots of things irritate, it’s called Grumpy Old Man Syndrome. Existing offences like littering and dog fouling could do with better enforcement but as for new penalties how about jay walking or an offence of posting takeaway menus through the letterboxes of people without a licence?

James Kirk, 55. Middleton

The use of any electronic device that actually lessens the art of conversation at social gatherings. Having a thousand online buddies is not a social circle. Friendship is the greatest support system in the world and can’t be developed electronically.

Amy Green, 33, city centre

I’d like fines imposed on people who smoke outside of the designated areas in public. There is nothing more irksome than having your meal ruined with unwelcome smoke!

Liz Goodwill, 54, Holbeck

People that either drop chewing gum or stick it under tables etc, costs the council and other people thousands to clean it up. Personally I’d ban it altogether.

Sophie Hale, 28, Wakefield

That quiet moment in the day when your baby finally falls to sleep and you’re poised to cram in some much needed ‘work time’ and then... the phone rings. You rush to pick up the phone, as your baby starts to stir with the sound of the ring, and immediately you realise you should’ve just left your phone in a cupboard because it’s someone selling to you. Unsolicited ‘cold’ calls really bug me and eat into my time. I think all nuisance calling companies should pay a penalty per call they make and that money should either go to the person they’re calling (harassing) or to a nominated charity. We could have an app to flag up each call and the more a company is flagged up the more they have to pay.