YEP Community Forum: Leeds residents’ views on Theresa May

Prime Minister Theresa May
Prime Minister Theresa May
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Every week, we will ask a group of Yorkshire Evening Post readers for their views on a local or national issue. Our panel of Leeds residents told us which laws they would like to see new prime minister Theresa May introduce:-

James Lee, 46, Otley

In view of the rising tide of Type 2 diabetes currently flooding our nation, I would like to see a sugar tax placed on sweets, biscuits, cakes and soft drinks and the proceeds used to subsidise the sale of cheap fruit, veg and whole foods.

Gareth Brown, 33, Colton

She ought to pass a law linking investment in the Northern Powerhouse per capita to that in London. Would sort out any problems in the north overnight.

Sophie Mei Lan, 28, Wakefield

Any politician found to be actively giving out misinformation to further their own cause should follow the three strikes rule, then they’re out. The EU referendum had the power to ignite the population to participate in politics but did more to put people off and disillusion them rather than engaging the next generation. And dirty tactics and egos continue to be played out across all parties skewing democracy.

Golam Kibria, 37, Harehills

The British curry industry relies on Bangladeshi chefs and there is a skilled staff shortage. The government’s current strict immigration rules for the non-European countries are a barrier to hiring skilled chefs. So I’d like to see her being sensitive to the issue and pass laws to bring more chefs from Bangladesh.

Gordon Mayne, 67, Moortown

A law to classify all dogs/animals used for social support (such as dogs for the disabled, blind, deaf where they give their time or life to the betterment of the individuals they support) as working dogs so they can claim VAT back on costs of feed etc.

Liz Goodwill, 54, Holbeck

A law Theresa May should really pass is that local councils should publish their accounts in the local paper yearly, then you would really be able to see how much money they squander, whilst vital services are run down, or disappear altogether.

Dean Fallows, 45, Horsforth

I would pass a law to introduce at least one more Bank Holiday a year for the United Kingdom. Ideally this would be in October or November and be referred to as the UK National Holiday and be paid time off for everyone. Celebrating all what is good about our Union and something to look forward to in the gloomy months of the year!

Maureen Aylward, 70, Morley

The government must address the closures of law centres and changes to the Legal Aid system. If you don’t have the cash, you don’t have access to justice.