YEP comment: A strong, united Leeds and an out-of-touch Prime Minister

Flooding in Leeds
Flooding in Leeds
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IT has been one of the most traumatic and challenging weeks for Leeds in living memory, in which flood waters rose and turned our streets and open spaces into filthy rivers and lakes, rendering homes uninhabitable and threatening the viability of businesses.

But who could have not been moved by the response from the people and institutions of this city? Their brave, selfless and inspiring actions revealed the incredible strength of spirit in our modern city.

From the men and women of the emergency services to the local authority workers to the people who volunteered, our communities pulled together and fought back as one.

Such contrast against the pious words of David Cameron in his new year message, an increasingly out-of-touch Prime Minister who appears to be in denial about the state of the catastrophe after his Government pulled the plug on the city’s flood defence scheme in the name of austerity.

This complacency explains why our editorials have been so trenchant in their criticism of the Government, criticism which even made the columns of internationally-renowned publications like the New York Times. We derive no pleasure from this.

However, with Labour’s response totally ineffectual and the lack of a coherent strategy to protect flood-threatened areas, it falls to us, and others, to stand up for Leeds.