‘Worst road’ in Leeds repaired

Brigshaw Lane.
Brigshaw Lane.
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Councillors have acted in response to the concerns of residents about a stretch of carriageway described as the “worst road in Leeds”.

Brigshaw Lane, between Kippax and Allerton Bywater, has undergone a full resurfacing after complaints about the state of the road.

The road has suffered with drainage problems with standing water contributing towards the degradation of the road surface. The road gullies have undergone a thorough clean-out and repair, with two additional gullies being installed in conjunction with the resurfacing works. The works were completed this week.

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Councillor James Lewis (Kippax & Methley) said: “This road is known locally as the worst road in Leeds, such is the poor state of the road surface and the flooded potholes. It was clearly something that local residents were very concerned about so it was important that something was done to address the situation.

“It is relatively low-lying and was not helped by several broken connections in some of the gullies. But these have now been repaired and several new gullies have been put in, so this should help preserve the condition of the road surface for longer.”

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