Woman sent to prison over Leeds Kirkstall Road horror smash

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A woman who crashed into another driver causing her serious injuries has been jailed for 12 months.


Victoria Leach “drifted” across Kirkstall Road in Leeds after an overtaking manoeuvre and collided with an oncoming Ford Fiesta.

Julie Elliott, 59, and her son James were in the other vehicle. Mrs Elliott suffered horrific injuries including lacerations to her liver and spleen, multiple rib fractures, fractures to four vertebrae, her left wrist, right forearm and pelvis. She had to have surgery to insert plates in her arms, spent three weeks in hospital and is still suffering numbness in her hand.

Her son James, 29, spent 48 hours in hospital. Leach, 28 and of Moortown, Leeds was found guilty by a jury last month of causing serious injury by dangerous driving on March 9 last year.

Witnesses said it was not a sudden change of direction or violent swerve “but more a slow wandering across the lane.”

A collision investigator later concluded at the point of impact Leach’s car was going virtually straight on rather than at an angle across the road.

Leach denied she was overtaking and said she had been going to turn right but then decided to carry straight on only to blinded by something and in panic hit the accelerator rather than the brake.

Jailing her and disqualifiying her from driving for 30 months, Recorder Darren Preston told Leeds Crown Court that he was satisfied it was her conscious decision to overtake.

“You pulled into your correct lane before veering across to the right again and smashing into the car driven by Mrs Elliott.

“Why you veered across is not clear but the jury rejected your preposterous explanation.”

He said her driving was described as “impatient and aggressive”.