Woman selling 'a jar of dreams' - is this the most bizarre post on Leeds Craigslist?

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A mother from Leeds has taken to selling a 'jar full of dreams' online in a strange advert posted on second hand buying and selling website Craigslist..

The ad lists an empty jar of Nescafé Gold Blend for £1, and states: "This is a coffee jar yes, but not just any coffee jar, this is the perfect coffee jar!

"Okay you're thinking is this a serious ad?! I'd be thinking the same. But yes, serious. Alright people sell TVs, phones, cars, then there's me selling an empty jar. But is it really empty? Or is it a jar full of dreams?

"Or maybe it's just a jar.

"I don't have anything else to sell. I'm a single mum to a one-year-old just trying to make a little bit so I can at least get my daughter some chocolate for Christmas.

"And before you think it and say ahhh, no I don't wan't any sympathy I just want to sell my jar!

"So if you think you would like this jar of air or dreams, or whatever else you'd like this jar to be full of... then make an offer to buy... this is a genuine sale, so please only offer to buy if you're interested."

The ad, posted by 'anonymous mother of one', offers the buyer tracked post with Paypal.

Have you seen a stranger ad?