Woman mauled to death by dog named

A woman mauled to death by a dog in south London was today named as Barbara Williams.

She was killed at her home in Demesne Road, Wallington, last night after the Belgian mastiff went berserk.

Ms Williams, in her forties, died from multiple injuries and the dog was shot dead by police marksmen.

Today neighbours paid tribute to a "very friendly, jovial, very nice woman".

Harshal Kshatri, 25, who owns a Western Union shop around the corner from the victim's semi-detached home, said: "We saw her only yesterday.

"She came in and bought some stuff.

"She would send money home to Jamaica, top up her Oyster card, buy groceries and play the Lottery, just general stuff.

"She was very friendly; very jovial and very nice."

It is thought Ms Williams lived in the property with an older female relative, the woman's son and grandson.

Mr Kshatri added: "They were all going to be at home for Christmas.

"I think she bought Christmas cards from us yesterday.

"You don't expect this. I thought the dog was quite friendly.

"It was never aggressive from what I remember.

"I don't think she ever used to walk it but a guy at the house did.

"He would tie it outside to a bench when he came in."

Mr Kshatri's mother, Falguni Kshatri, 47, said: "Barbara was a regular customer, she shopped at ours for more than five years.

"She was a very nice person, always smiling and talking.

"I never saw her miserable. She was a very good lady.

"I never saw the dog but heard it from around the corner, it had a very heavy voice."

Today neighbours remained tight-lipped about last night's events.

A man who lives next door to the cordoned off property said he did not know Ms Williams's family.

Debt collector Christina Faria, 36, was woken by flashing lights outside her home, which overlooks the front of Ms Williams's home.

She said: "We looked out and saw the road closed and lots of police and forensics.

"We saw a silver private ambulance take what must have been her body away.

"It was carried out on a red stretcher.

"A forensics man in a white suit came out about 1am and a police photographer came out after that with his tripod and everything."

Pat O'Brien, who owns a local colonic irrigation business, said: "It all went on from about 9pm to 1am before they took down the tape - the road was closed off before that.

"There were about five panda cars and an ambulance and there was an air ambulance crew that came in a car marked up as 'air ambulance'.

"I didn't see the police marksman but there was a lot of activity with them running up and down the road with long truncheon-like things."

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