Witness tells murder trial of fatal shooting in Leeds woodland

Colin Pierre
Colin Pierre
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A JURY heard a man describe the moment his friend was blasted to death in a woodland as punishment for crossing a “ruthless” drug dealer.

A murder trial was played footage of an interview given to police by a witness in which he believed he was about to be shot after being told to kneel in front of the gunman.

The witness described to an officer how his friend Colin Pierre was instead fatally shot.

Mr Pierre, 31, bled to death after being shot in the leg and left to die in woodland off Gledhow Valley Road in the early hours of March 11 this year.

The prosection allege Mr Pierre was shot as a punishment meted out by Anthony Micah Pyke, a “ruthless Leeds drug dealer” who was also known as BJ.

Pyke, 32, of Gordon Terrace, Meanwood, Ian Wilson, 37, and Trevor Isles, 49, both of Highfield Green, Pudsey, are on trial where they pleaded not guilty to murder and two offences of kidnapping.

The witness described how Mr Pierre tried to reason with Pyke after he was ordered to kneel down when they had been led into the woods.

The witness, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, said: “BJ smacked him in the face with the butt of the shotgun which made Col stumble.”

He added: “He (Pyke) said ‘kneel down. I’m not going to tell you again lad.’”

“I grabbed him (Mr Pierre) to kneel down and just as he got to the side of me I saw BJ point the shotgun.

“I shut my eyes and I heard a bang and a really loud whistle.”

The witness said the noise of the weapon temporarily deafened him.

He continued: “I opened my eyes and turned my head and in slow motion I saw Col fall down a bit more of an embankment and I heard a big splash.”

The witness said he was then dragged away from the area.

He said he was later allowed to go after being warned not to tell the police what had happened.

Mr Pierre’s body was found in a stream by a 16-year-old boy on his way to school the next morning.

The jury has heard Pyke operated an extensive drug dealing network and used others to deal for him and controlled the business through numerous mobile telephones.

A few days before the killing Pyke had given the witness heroin and cocaine to sell.

But instead of selling them, the witness and Mr Pierre smoked them and ignored all the rules of the arrangement that Pyke had dictated to him.

The court has heard Wilson and Isles both worked for Pyke and were responsible for collecting Mr Pierre from a house in Morley before delivering him to Pyke.

The trial continues today.