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People in Leeds who are struggling with their New Year’s resolutions will have a helping hand this year.

Will Power the Resolution Robot aims to help people in Leeds to stick to their New Year ambitions whilst bringing the community together in an arts project.

Will Power is a virtual bot, based on a customised SMS platform designed by staff at aql.

Resolutions can be texted to the robot from January 1, 2014, and throughout the year, residents will get motivational texts to help them keep their promises.

An artist’s impression of Will Power can be found on windows inside buildings, on buses and in leisure centres across the city.

Will Power is partly inspired by research conducted by British psychologist Richard Wiseman, who found that 88 per cent of resolutions ended in failure.

The Will Power project, pioneered by Playful Leeds, will also see people of all ages make 10,000 robots out of all kings of material over the next year.

Throughout 2014, events, films and workshops to encourage Leeds people to get creative together and to analyse the Will Power data.

Playful Leeds was developed in 2012 to explore how people in Leeds could work, live and play together in more creative ways.

Led by Emma Bearman and a team of technology specialists, it aims to develop new ways for people to become more involved in the future of their city.

Emma, who came up with the idea, said: “My New Year’s resolution is to see 10,000 robots appear by October 2014 – made through the ingenuity of people of all ages across Leeds.

“I’ll be texting Will Power so that he can help us stay on track through the year.”

The project is being supported by Leeds City Council and the University of Leeds.

Text your resolutions to Will Power on 0113 320 1401.

Jason Greenwood of Mamas & Papas

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