Wife shops Leeds drink driver after ten years

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A DRINK driver who was involved in a high speed police pursuit has been jailed...TEN years after committing the offence.

Anthony Davis, 51, was handed a seven month sentence, three days short of the tenth anniversary of the incident in Leeds.

A court heard Davis fled the city and set up a new life with his family in Northern Ireland soon after the incident.

He was eventually arrested earlier this year when his wife tipped off police over his whereabouts after they had a row.

Leeds Crown Court heard Davis failed to stop when patrol officers indicated for him to stop on Chapeltown Road in the early hours of October 23, 2004.

Davis then sped off in his Fiat Tipo and headed into Leeds city centre.

The West Yorkshire Police helicopter was deployed during the incident as Davis drove through red lights when he sped along Woodhouse Lane, Lovell Park Road and Great George Street.

Davis abandoned his car in the Hyde Park area and tried to run off but was caught by officers. He was later found to be over the drink drive limit.

Davis, then of Crosby Road, Holbeck, initially denied drink driving, dangerous driving and having no insurance.

He pleaded guilty to the offence on the day he was due go on trial. He was then granted bail but failed to turn up at court for his sentencing hearing.

The court heard Davis was arrested earlier this year and given a 56-day prison sentence for failing to surrender to bail.

Describing the 2004 incident, Simon Alexander, mitigating, said Davis had been on a night out with his wife and they had rowed.

Mr Alexander said his wife walked out of the pub and he stayed behind and continued to drink before making the “foolish” decision to drive home.

The lawyer said Davis panicked when he saw police flash their blue lights and tried to get away from them.

He said Davis moved his family to settle in Northern Ireland after pleaded guilty to the offences but failed to return to face his punishment.

He was arrested when his wife contacted police “as a result of a fall-out”.

Recorder Michael Wheeler told Davis. “This was an appalling piece of driving.”

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