Wife’s subjected former rugby pro husband to domestic attacks

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A WOMAN subjected her ex professional rugby player husband to domestic violence after finding out he was seeing another woman, a court heard.

Toni Grayshon attacked husband Mark with a knife during one incident and in another punched him in the face as he was holding one of their children.

Grayshon, 23, was given a suspended prison sentence yesterday over the attacks which took place in March last year.

Judge Rodney Jameson, QC, told Grayshon: “This was all in a domestic context. But domestic violence is regarded as very serious by these courts. That must apply whether it is from a man to a woman or a woman to a man.”

Leeds Crown Court heard Mr Grayshon provided a victim impact statement following the attacks in which he described being embarrassed when speaking to friends and colleagues about what happened to him as he was a “big guy” and a former professional rugby player.

The court heard the attacks happened after the relationship between Grayshon and her husband had broken down.

The first attack took place on March 23 when she attacked Mr Grayshon with a knife shortly after they rowed.

Mr Grayshon received a wound to the shoulder but did not report the matter to the police until after he was attacked again nine days later.

On that occasion Grayshon punched her husband in the face as he was holding their child after finding him with another woman.

Grayshon, Rydal Street, Holbeck, pleaded guilty to unlawful wounding and common assault.

The court heard Grayshon committed the offences as she had “concerns regarding her husband’s fidelity”. She had not been in trouble since being released on bail for the offences almost a year ago.

Grayshon given a six month prison sentence, suspended for 12 months, and was ordered to take part in a 30-day activity requirement designed to address he offending behaviour.

Jude Rodney Jameson said: “The marriage was clearly in terminal trouble.” He added: “You found your husband present with someone to whom his affection were being transferred and a rather unpleasant common assault was made worse by virtue of the fact that a child was in his arms at the time.”