Widow to unveil memorial to murdered Leeds PC

A MEMORIAL to Leeds police officer Ian Broadhurst will be unveiled by his widow next month.

PC Broadhurst, left, was shot dead on duty on Boxing Day 2003 by former US Marine David Bieber despite pleading for his life after he carried out a routine spot-check on a BMW car he suspected was stolen and in which Bieber was sitting at the junction of Dib Lane and Grange Park, Oakwood, Leeds. Bieber was jailed for life after being found guilty of murdering the 34-year-old constable at Newcastle Crown Court in 2004.

The memorial in Oakwood, Leeds, will be unveiled by PC Broadhurst's widow Eilisa on October 2. It is to be erected at the scene of his murder by The Police Memorial Trust which was formed in 1984 by film director, Michael Winner after Metropolitan PC Yvonne Fletcher was shot dead by a gunman from the Lybian Embassy. It is the 35th local memorial to be installed by the trust.