Wicked conman targeted blind lady

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A doorstep con man who bullied a 95-year-old partially sighted woman into handing over cash has been jailed.

David Whalin, 55, was caught when he returned to the victim’s home for a second time in a bid to fleece her of more cash.

A court heard Whalin also tricked his was into the home of an elderly couple in Featherstone and stole £400 in cash.

Whalin, 55, was sent to prison for three years, nine months over his offending.

Judge Geoffrey Marson, QC, said: “It is difficult to imaging more despicable and wicked offences against the elderly. You have to understand that where elderly victims are targeted in this way, the courts will pass deterrent sentences to deter you and to deter others.”

Matthew Harding, prosecuting, said Whalin travelled from his home in Nottingham to commit the offences.

The court heard how he targeted a couple at a housing complex in Featherstone on December 2 last year, claiming to be from the council.

He then stole a purse contained the cash before leaving the premises.

Whalin, of Woodfield Road, then went to the 95-year-old woman’s home in Wakefield on December 18, claiming to be a representative from an association for the blind.

He told the woman he had a device which had been ordered to the property. The woman told Whalin that she had not ordered anything but he told her: “Well someone has and it has got to be paid for.”

The court heard the victim was scared and handed over £320.

Whalin returned to the area on January 13 with Scott Larcombe.

Larcome went to the property but the victim was not home but a neighbour recognised Whalin’s car and contacted the police to express concern.

Whalin pleaded guilty to burglary, fraud and conspiracy to commit fraud.

Scott Larcome, 35, of The Lane, Nottingham, was jailed for five months after pleading guilty to conspiracy to commit fraud.

“It is difficult to imagine more despicable and wicked offences.”

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