Why we love Leeds we live in

We love Leeds
We love Leeds
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Your YEP Readers' Panel shared their affection for our city in a timely Valentine Leeds love-in.

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We all love Leeds, don't we?

Sandra Buendía González

I’m lucky one of my favourites things to do is free - walking through Hyde Park and Headingley, around the beautiful Victorian houses. The ornate decorations and bright colours create a fantastic atmosphere along these two neighbourhoods. It is amazing.

James Kirk

Leeds is home. And home is where the heart is. When the heart is in deep union with something, it's an involuntary drive like thirst.

Indee Watson

There are so many things to love about Leeds, from the stadiums, arenas and clubs that unite everyone together, to the friendliness of strangers when walking about the town. Leeds is such an open and friendly place. That's one of the things I love most about it.

Dave Kelly

Great city made up of great people.As diverse at it is open minded, I love the loyalty to the football club and that its a great city to walk around.Good museums and nightlife.
Capital of the North?more like THE WORLD!

Natasha Meek

The thing that separates Leeds from any other city, in my view, is that it has life. This vibrant city is full of passionate people. You only have to go into the centre, to visit the art gallery or library, to see the wonderful mix of interests everyone has. Elland Road is a haven for community spirit. There's fitness groups and events all over the city. Everyone here has a purpose.

Dennis Appleyard

Those who love this city will struggle to find the one thing they love most but variety, vibrancy, history, culture and humour must be on the list.