Why Leeds’s own Hyde Park is the new place to be

CULTURAL SHIFT: Different lifestyles in LS6.
CULTURAL SHIFT: Different lifestyles in LS6.
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Once home to the most burgled street in Britain, this inner city area of Leeds, perched unassumingly between all that is the centre and the hive of Headingley, is changing.

The stereotypical student/bedsit population of Hyde Park is being infiltrated by young professionals, city workers and working families.

With that they demand more than a run down shared house, greasy spoon cafe and kebab shop – and they are getting it.

Re-development of the former Leeds Grammar School to create upmarket housing continues, and there is a developing culture of artisan cafes for brunch, a nice coffee while working remotely, a cool spot for a post-work cocktail and independent music venues.

Leading the way in bringing something new to Hyde Park is LS6 Cafe, or more well known as the Clock Cafe, on Headingley Lane.

With its urban and industrial interior, private booth and second floor event space, the business, established under various owners for the almost 20 years, is appealing to all sections of the growing community.

Kids, breast-feeding mums and even the family dog are welcome for breakfast through to Friday night cocktails and there are booths specially kitted out with USB ports for those needing to work.

A spokesperson said: “Young professionals saw this as a student venue and it was before a revamp but we are seeing a change. People can come and sit in here all day, work on their laptop, we encourage arts people and a lot more older people are coming in at night and that is what we need to push forward.

“We are focussing on developing the night trade and it is looking up. Some people don’t want to go to town and Headingley is more expensive – here is just like a local.”