Why did she get into that car? asks mum

Jessica Harris.
Jessica Harris.
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A teenage girl killed in a double fatal crash was minutes from home when tragedy struck.

Jessica Ann Harris, 17, was front seat passenger and Dean Pinchbeck, 21, was driving a VW Golf which hit a Ford Transit van on Netherton Lane, Netherton, near Wakefield at midnight on Monday.

Police are investigating whether Mr Pinchbeck lost control on a bend.

Her devastated family said Jessica was a few hundred yards from reaching grandmother Anne Howden’s home on Church Crescent, Netherton, when the accident happened.

Jessica and Mr Pinchbeck, of Ossett, died at the scene.

Jessica’s mother Jenny Howden, of Ossett, told how Mr Pinchbeck, a friend of Jenny’s, called to see her at around 11.30pm on Monday.

She said: “She was in her pyjamas, staying in. The next thing this car pulls up and she said she was going out to talk to him. She got dressed and went out and the next thing my dad saw them going out at the end of the street. She wasn’t meant to be going anywhere, she was supposed to be sat in the car talking. I have put it through my head 50,000 times, why did she get in to that car? We have been robbed, she had her life taken away - at 17 she hadn’t even started.”

Miss Howden added: “My mum and dad live a couple of hundred yards away from where the accident happened. Within two or three minutes she would have been home.”

Former Horbury School pupil Jessica - who was Gawthorpe May Queen in 2009 - worked at Tesco on Dewsbury Road, Wakefield.

Miss Howden, who is eight weeks pregnant, said: “I just found out a couple of weeks ago and Jess was happier than me about it. She was planning all the shopping and picking the baby clothes. She was so excited. I told her if it was a girl she could name the baby.”

She added: “I remember her happy and singing and full of life. You could never leave Jess without her kissing you and saying ‘I love you.’”

Jessica also leaves boyfriend of three years Kieran Batley, 17; father Jonathan Harris, 38; brothers Ben, 20; Harley, seven and sister Kimberley, 15.


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