Where did the term 'Loiner' originate?

Leeds scene
Leeds scene
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Leeds folk have long been referred to as 'Loiners', but where does the term originate?

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There are numerous theories as to where the nickname could have come from.

The truth is, no-one seems too sure on the link between people from Leeds and the word Loiner, or how far back it truly goes.

Many people from the city now wear the term with pride, but there are suggestions that it may not have always been the most flattering of references.

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Here are some of the most popular theories about the origin of the term:

- Loidis was a district around the eighth century somewhere near to where the modern-day Leeds stand. Could Loiner date back to this time?

- Another possibility comes from the area of Briggate where, in the 19th century, many yards had back entrances that were known as Low Ins or Loins, which could explain Loiner.

- The third theory also comes from the Briggate area, where locals are said to have used the term 'loins' instead of lanes for nearby lanes, such was their accents. People used to gather to swap the information of the day in these strange, hence getting the name Loiners.

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Another well-known phrase used to describe someone from the Leeds area is Leodensian, which is said to come from the Latin name for the city.

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